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DR-1X Repeater

Output 441.7000 mHz - Input 446.7000 mHz

PL 100.0

Serving The Town of Dublin and the Surrounding Area

New Laird FG4405 Antenna and

Scom 7330 Controller Installation Pending

We received the new antenna, have designed and built the new crossarm, and are awaiting our position in the queue for installation. Estimated completion date is Spring 2019. Due to requests from local amateur operators we will also extend the tail time to several seconds. The new SCOM controller will be installed at the same time and will be available on the 25kHz FM side. Repeater continues to function well for the general Dublin - Dublin Lake area but we expect a reasonable increase in coverage once the improved antenna is up. Thank you for your patience. See us on Groups.io

Proposed Coverage Map Courtesy of Roger Coude VE2DBE

WQ2H Coverage Model

RPi3/Direwolf v1.3 Digipeater WQ2H-5 is colocated and operational.

This 15W VHF beacon/digipeater provides APRS (Automatic Positioning Reporting System) data coverage to a section of Route 101 as it travels through Dublin from just about the Peterborough town-line to the Marlborough town-line. WQ2H status and positioning data of APRS users can be monitored 24/7 at:

WQ2H-5 Digipeater

WQ2H-5 Digipeater

WQ2H Repeater Group

England Spectrum Management Council

Federal Communications Comission

Contact by email

Digital modes, icnluding C4FM, are encouraged. The WQ2H RMS Trimode gateway is also available 24/7 on 3.5912 mHz (dial) 3.5927 mHz (CF) for ARDOP and VARA v2.2.1.